Short Bio

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Economics at the University of Lausanne. I have visited the International Research Department of the Bank of England during Summer 2022. I hold a MSc in Economics from the University of Lausanne and received the award for the best overall performance in the Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics at the Study Center Gerzensee.

My research interests include applied macroeconometrics, international macroeconomics and finance and I am generally excited by anything that involves both empirical macro(-finance) and coding. I am particularly interested in better understanding the relationship between the financial markets, financial volatility and the macroeconomy. More recently, I've also started thinking about the asset pricing of climate transition risk and what it implies for investors around the world. Ongoing research topics include the identification and quantification of financial volatility shocks and the economic effects of the introduction of climate policies.

Alongside my studies, I also work as an economic consultant for the Centre de Recherche Appliquée (CREA) where I am responsible for the development and analysis of macro forecasting models. I also write educational content for iconomix, the education platform of the Swiss National Bank. Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as an intern for the Financial Stability Department of the Swiss National Bank in Bern. I am also an R (and tidyverse) enthusiast and like to take pictures in my spare time.