Trip to the Faroe Islands


Sørvágsvatn (on the left) is the largest lake in the Faroe islands and falls directly into the ocean. It is breathtaking but can also be frustrating as the area is often extremely foggy, making it sometimes impossible to even see the water.
This is where Sørvágsvatn falls into the ocean. At the same time, the fog is becoming increasingly threatening, a recurrent observation here.


Aerial views of Mykines, which is the westernmost island of the country. Twenty (remarkable) people inhabit this place all year round. The ferry is their only connection with the outside world. A truly special place...
...inhabited by a myriad of stunning puffins...
...and equally charming sheep


Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands. With around 20,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the country.

A typical house in Torshavn. This one is located in Tinganes, a historical area which was home to Faroese parliament for over a thousand years. The prime minister's office is not far.
A view on Tórshavn's harbour and city.
A cute little house. It was essentially the only day where there was sun.
This last picture was taken during the National Day, when thousands of Faroese people come to celebrate in the city wearing the traditional outfit. The atmosphere there is very unique.